Winter Break Bind, Encased & Struggle of Fayth Part 2 of 2

15:57 video

The janitor has let himself into my home and made me go into a deep slumber with HOM and i woke up with my ankles taped, socks over my hands and tape around my wrists, and a huge sock shoved in my mouth then tape wrapped many times around my head to hold it in. I am mad, gag talking and struggling harder than ever trying to get to the door before he come back. Its too late, I don't make it out but instead he puts not only 1 pantyhose hood over my head and face that my mouth is still fully stuffed and still taped, but 2 very tight hoods over my head then drags me back to the couch. I protest and fight but it is no use with my fingers useless and the tape holding me in peril. I struggle and gag talk angrily but then I find myself fully encased with 2 layers of pantyhose over the rest of my body, over my turtle neck sweater and more over my bound legs. My arms are rebound behind my back. I continue struggling very hard as he watches me flail and kick and struggle to the floor demanding for release thru my gag. It is no use, he drags me to the bedroom and I end up struggling like no other testing every inch of my binds and the bed in my situation, barely able to see, no able to escape, but differently able to move around on the bed to show my very moving struggling and to hear my angry gag talk and pleads thru out. The lights go out and I scream, not knowing what will happen next. All I know is i'm in the hands of this janitor that I now know why he was always giving me the creeps. This has his plan all along with out a doubt but I have no way out until he says.

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