Bra & Panty Blow, Smoke & Hot Cherry Pops

8:03 video

You left me here in the woods wearing only my Bra and panties and my pantyhose. We were about to get frisky but as soon as I took my dress off, you ran off with it, leaving me here stranded in the middle of the woods. Luckily you left me with exactly what i needed to keep me happy and content, and maybe even with a way to call for help. I have a cigarette, lighter, and a bag of balloons. I mean, what more does a girl need when stuck in the woods in her underpants? So I decide to blow up several colorful balloon, tie them off, and use my cigarette to pop them all while the cigarette stays in my mouth. I even blow in a few exhales of my smoke into the balloon before tying it off. Once it pops, the smoke instantly escapes making it even more fun to watch. There's nothing like balloon popping therapy especially when you left me here to be hopefully be helped by possible strangers by the noise of my louding bursting balloon noises. I mean, who wouldn't help a damsel out just wearing her bra and panties? 

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