Naked Fayth Pops Plastic Air Pods

10:12 video

I love receiving packages I ordered online but what I love even more is when they use the air filled bubble plastic pocket things to protect my item. I wish everything I ordered came with them, its like getting 2 things for the price of one. I really enjoy popping them in a variety of manners and its time I show you what I do with them, even if you aren't there to witness my helpless joy. Of course I am naked, since I am a nudist at heart as I squeeze to pop a few, I show you just how much they slowly stretch into a lovely bubble before I bite2pop them. I show you that thighs can pop them, knees can pop them, and my ass can even pop 4 in a row as I sit on them and roll over them. I use my barefeet to pop others and I cant tell you just how happy this makes me. I'm pretty sure you can see my genuine giddiness with every pop and my smile getting bigger and bigger the more air pillows i destroy. This is yet another way to prove i truly am a popp'er at heart. If its poppable, I will pop it w joy!

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