Blowing Up TieDye Balloons In a Pool

11:27 video

Its a hot summer day here in Florida and being in the water is the only way to stay cool. I decide that sitting inside a small inflatable pool inside the big pool is just how I'm going to relax (or so i think) to blow up several tie dye balloons using my mouth and my own hot air. I love how colorful these balloons are and when they expand and stretch bigger, the colors get even better. After I blow up a few, i realize these balloons do not want to stay inside my inflatable with me and the breeze begins to make them escape my lap as they float around the pool. Luckily I have several stored in my bikini bottoms. Once I realize keeping them in captivity is impossible, i must get out of my pool float and swim around to retrieve them before they pop. Some pop due to the sharp edge of the pool, others i find and put in the pool as i swim around trying to capture them. Geesh, here I thought this would be a nice relaxing floating blow up experience. I was far from from I am even more determined to show these loons who the boss is. Stay tuned for my revenge on the runaway balloons.

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