Balloon Popping Party Clean Up

17:37 video

My birthday was a few days prior and its finally time to clean up this room full of colorful balloons that was a surprise for me. I am wearing a colorful dress and thigh high pink socks. I decide to pop many between my thick thighs as I scissor them as I lock my ankles together and squeeze. Many need a little help with my fingernails but others just cant take the wrath of my thighs alone. I love how each have their own tolerance and I never know which will do what. I keep grabbing balloon after balloon after balloon popping them sending shards flying as my happiness is so genuine. I then decide to sit2pop several and they each pop beneath me very easily. I sure do love watching the neck stretch until it pops. I try to bite2pop a few with mixed results. I finish of the final and only mylar balloon by sitting on it and bouncing and bouncing until it just cant it as it bursts under me. Ahhh..What a great finale to my amazing birthday!!! 

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