Bonus Update: HOM Nightmare Come True

12:28 video

After a man snuck into my house to get revenge for all the bad things i was saying about him and he hopped on my back and had his hand over my mouth as I struggled and fought, it was time I installed a security system. I have been having nightmares and talking in my sleep about it since. This new security system should do the trick. Little do i know, that if there's a power surge the system turns itself off. Im napping and dreaming and talking in my sleep as if I have a man on my back and his hand over my mouth when Mr Archer sneaks in and does exactly that. I dont realize its real nor that its actually happening as I am hard asleep and dreaming. His big hands cover my mouth and my nose at times as I don't fight hard, as I am napping hard. My eyes open at times, my hands lightly try to fight his hands off my face but he doesn't stop. One hand, both hands, switching hands as he gets what he thinks I deserve. My bare feet kick and legs move. You get a great view of my face covered by his huge hands all along. He eventually feels like I had enough of HOM as he crawls off of my back and leaves me. I soon wake up in shock as I tough my face. I swear that was the most realistic nightmare I have ever had. I confusingly crawl from the bed to see if the security system is still on. 

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