Bonus Update: Vagina-Like Chair Faythful Idea

9:08 video

 have had this chair for quite some time and I remember the first time I saw one of these, it resembled a vagina and I will forever think this. I do believe you will agree with me in the end. So I have a genius idea and I let you watch me, not knowing if i will fail or succeed at this mission. The 1st challenge is to inflate this sucker with not very much breaze in the air. So I must run around to fill it up. It definitely should be more full but whatever, it "should" still work. Once I close the end off, I show you my vagina chair as it is not very balanced or stable to say the least. Well, knowing this, why don't I try to use it as a pool float? This probably was one of my more dumb ideas, but what can go wrong, I go swimming, right? So Decide just to go for it and sit in it backwards and hope for the best. I am instantly shocked that it works! It works! This vagina chair is a better pool float than a grounded chair. Tho, I do know it would eventually sink. Later on, there was lots of water inside the layers. But anyways. I feel my rare genius idea was a good one and I hope you agree too

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