Fayth Popping Helium Duds w Her Heals

26:21 video

I am the luckiest girl alive. I acquired more than 100 helium balloons from a party last night and I am just so giddy to play with them all, specifically excited to pop them. The balloons were in a car overnight and into the warm morning inturn making some of the balloons lose their floating power. I know its the duds that must be popped first before I can have fun with the many many balloons floating above my head. I am dressed in my party dress and shiny pantyhose and high heels as I talk to you about my very little experience with helium balloons and my observations of the loons above me and how I gave string haircuts to many to see if they would float and the colors that sank compared to those that kept floating. Once I start popping them with my sharp heals, I make more observations about how unique the shards look and feel compared to any other shards in my past. Many stick to my heal as I show you how they stick and dangle for us to admire. I tease and pop and tease and pop each with my sharp stilettos but not 1 balloon survives as i do mention its possible. All the helium dud balloons turn into shards as I happily show you and as I look up knowing there are several dozen more balloons to take care of in the very near future, just in a different way of popping of course:)

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