Blitz Vs Fayth Bound Gagged Escape Challenge

19:19 video

When I have someone tie me up for the first time, this is my favorite way to see what they got, what they know and if they want to be nice or mean to me without having them on camera tying me up. I take on the challenge and then the next thing you know, I am totally tied up and don't even have balance as he must hold me up for a moment. Little did I expect was for him to put duct tape over all the knots to make it even more difficult to escape. I also have agreed that IF I can't get out, anything on the table full of BDSM gear can be used on me as a "punishment". He gives me 15 minutes to get out tho it took him 30 minutes to tie me up. Totally not fair but i still agree to this challenge. I cant emphasize enough how stuck I am, my lungs are super dooper compressed, my foot is numb, my hands can barely move and my gag talk, ha, my lips are still moving and is the only thing that is a bit more mobile that i'm sure he would've preferred:) I really diligently work on the ropes in any and all ways I can. it is almost impossible to roll over on my own until i loosen a rope of 2 which takes me a bit. I lose track of time and I also start sweating profusely and my breathing is labored but I don't give up. I finally am able to squeeze my wrists out but honestly it is still very difficult since my elbows are very tightly restrained around my ribs. My blouse covers this but trust me, im very tightly bound and stuck. Even my foot to my thigh is so ridiculously tight, i cant believe it. As soon as I see the light at the end of my escape tunnel, my concept of time is so off..but apparently i did not beat my 15 min limit so my punishment commences. Err, um...a sensory deprivation hood goes over my head, I get strapped into a thick leather rest sack and a hitachi is added. Well, If this is punishment, then I will never ever escape again!!!!

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