Blowing Up Purple Loons In the Pool

11:59 video

**No intentional or accidental pops happen during this video**


Here I am in the pool yet again on a hot Florida day and I have yet another genius idea, or so I think. i decide I want to try to blow up balloons while underneath the water. I talk about what I think will happen but I do not expect to fail. I will admit, not all my ideas are great ones. I try to take the gopro with me but i quickly realize my underwater blowing idea isn't working at all. I cant stop now tho. I have the taste of balloons in my mouth and they all must get blown, so I stand in the water and continue on with my mission to inflate all my purple balloons. I must use inflated pool toys to hold the balloons captive so they don't burst. Luckily this works as does my lips, mouth and my lungs to blow each of theses loons up as I tie them off and keep on blowing the rest. I float in the water and blow, I stand in the water and blow and I just enjoy being wet while more and more inflated and knotted balloons surround me in the pool. I can only hope no balloons accidentally pop as i want to be the reason for their demise, just not yet. I cant think of a more refreshing atmosphere to have balloon blowing fun. I sure wish you were here to help me tho!

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