Moistest Balloon Pops Ever

12:42 video

I have lots of pretty purple balloons just waiting for me to come up with yet another genius way to pop them. Well, I have a pool, I have warm weather, and I have some energy to jump so why not combine all those things into one very unique and experimental way to pop balloons. I try to come up with a different way to jump into the pool as I take a balloon with me, to pop it. I am not saying each attempt is successful but I will say that i certainly gave it my best shot. I belly flop, I butt plop, I cannon ball, I really just have a great time jumping into the balloon hoping each will pop beneath me and the huge splashes i make. In the end, I let 1 loon live, but all the rest of the inflated blown up and tied off purple balloons do turn into shards in 1 way shape or form. I even scissor one with my thighs, squeezing it to burst. Now to pick up the shards of my popping party so the pool filter doesn't get ruined. Dont you wish you could join me in this fun day at the pool with me?

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