Sell More Wings or Cum

12:12 video

I am being punished for not doing my job. I haven't met my quota on my wing sales and on top of that, I am out of uniform. Since my tips havent been good, I had to sell my hooters socks to make ends meet. I also am required to wear a push up bra and well, I refuse. So in return for not listening to the wardrobe requirements, I am being crucified. I try to talk my way out of it, but my boss is way smarter than that and decides to cleave gag me and tie and tape a hitachi magic want to my thigh and makes it vibrate until I make very genuine noises and reactions to cummign while bound. I accidentally turn it off and this drives me to even more frustration but then he fixes it even better to my thigh, as he takes pictures for the hooters calendar as he wants me to be an example of what not to do and wear to work at this infamous wing house. I guess all I had to do is sell more wings and, wear a bra, and not sell my socks. In the end after cumming, I decide to quite and go into reality. Screw serving wings and wearing a bra. Its just not the job for me. Knotty Guy sure is a strict boss, that's for sure. 

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