Balloon Hogtied & Lego & Fear Popping Fun

7:03 video

Knotty Guy just finished decorating for his birthday in a way that i did not expect. I didn't know I was to be part of his celebration but I guess that's what friends are for. Now its time for him to sit back and watch me struggle in this very strict balloon hogtie. I am also blindfolded and gagged with balloons. I struggle as much as I can making the balloons make noise as they rub against each other. I roll around and I'm surprised they aren't popping due to my weight. Knotty Guy then has a devious plan as he pours legos all around me and on me hoping in my struggles the balloon bondage pops from me. I do try to protest this decision but I am in no place to do anything but roll around the legos hoping it works. Some pop, many don't. I am fearful as I don't know when they will pop or if they will sting or where it will sting me from the exploding shards. Knotty Guy isn't happy with the minimal popping so he grabs a huge needle and meticulously pops one loon at a time, making me shriek with every burst. Some sting a lot, other the fear is the worst. I have never experienced a birthday celebration like this before, but what can I say, I love balloons, Knotty Guy loves rope so what better way to spend time before we go have a nice birthday dinner.

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