Painful Struggling In Zip Ties

8:15 video

I want tied up and I will admit, i'm not in the mood for rope. I don't have that much patience at the moment, so I suggest Knotty Guy binds me with thick unforgivable industrial zip ties instead. He does all the rigging and zipping off camera and only lets you watch once I am very efficiently bound and tape gagged. The position itself looks simple but with every movement or attempt of struggling, I am in pain. It burns, it hurts and I let it be known it is not easy to struggle or do anything but of course the masochist I am, I keep moving, I keep struggling and I keep trying to change my position so you can see where all the zip ties come and go. I wish I could express just how much each inch of movement hurt my body so much. I finally struggle enough and hurt myself enough that i insist on being released. The release is done off camera as well, tho if you did watch that part, you would see also how scared I am of sharp object near my bound body, especially when the binds are so tight and the cutting instrument is so darn sharp. It hurts so much as they are cut off. Lucky for you, you join in again when the zip ties are cut off but I am still very efficiently tape gagged with a wrap around and strips. I gag talk as I explain and show you just how marked my skin is from the zipties. My skin is red and burning. I then removed the gag, piece by piece and talk more about how i now regret choosing zip ties over rope. oooops:)

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