No Swim But Bound Instead

15:01 video

I just realized how pretty of a day it is as I open the curtain and finish tying my itty bitty bikini top on. I grab a towel and head out the door. Little did I realize there was a masked man already in my home as he follows me outside and grabs me around my body and over my mouth pulling me back inside. I kick and mpph but it happens so fast, none of the neighbors heard. The next thing I know, Im very tightly tied to a chair with pink rope. The masked man shuts the curtain as I realize what he is holding in his hand. He of course ties this thick white cloth over my mouth mpphing my remaining words but definitely not stopping me from gag talking. He then goes to look for any valuables I have and leaves me to struggle and gag talk. I really do have a lot to say tho it is a bit difficult to understand me. Every noise I make is a word, statement, or threat of some kind. The white OTM gag really works to muffle all my words and the rope does keep me put, that is until I know the man is gone. This is when I do everything in my power to escape. This is not an easy feat but I do not give up until I eventually loosen every single rope from my body. ahhhh..I finally slip the gag off and down my chin emphasising that i really didn't expect that as I stretch my body a bit from this surprise bondage situation. Now, i think it's time for that swim I originally was trying to do. I think a nice and quiet swim in what I need as I retie the OTM gag to my mouth and head out to the pool. Now i'm a happy quiet gagged girl that can get some sun on her skin

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