Fayth Stubbornly & Painful Escapes Lots of Tape pt 3 of 3

9:45 video

Knotty Guy has taped me in the most colorful sticky hogtie ever (Part 1), then he watched me struggle as he took pics (Part 2), now its time i decide to do something very stubborn and painful. I slowly but eventually gag talk to Knotty Guy that I will escape this excessive taped hogtie. He really doesn't believe me but he stands back and lets me at this not smartest idea. My wrists are so well taped with electrical tape, i really don't know if i can escape but the more I struggle, the more I sweat, and the more some of the tape stretches, giving me glimmers of hope. All i need is 1 hand free and maybe there's a chance. Ha...i am almost very wrong. I manage to get 1 hand free but really doesn't help me much when it takes 2 hands to rip, pull and stretch this tape off of my body. I make the most genuine faces as the tape slowly unsticks to my body. It hurts and I make it known from beneath my OTM tape gag. Ouch, Ouch, stretch, Ouch. What did I even suggest that i could escape. Now i'm just being stubborn and proving to myself I can do what I say, even if it hurts pretty badly. Slowly but surely, piece by piece, grunt by grunt...I manage to get freer and looser from this ridiculous hog taping. I ungag myself and boy do I tell you how I feel and now you hear me more so complain how sticky this tape is on my skin. There are certain parts of my body it hurts much more more than others. Wow, what an amazing almost impossible challenge i self gave. OkOk, now its your turn to feel just how sticky and stuck this tape can get you!

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