Sit Still Challenge for Fayth

8:14 video

It is very difficult for me to sit still, watch movies, or anything that keeps me stay put with out any assistance and Knotty Guy knows this about me. He decides to try once again to keep me put but in a sitting position. He has my chest very tightly tied to a wooden pillar. This restrict my breathing but does not restrisct my am movement, or my mouth movement for that matter. My ankles are tied but still able to itch my need for movement itch but I am not going anywhere. He adds more rope to my arms to keep me from flying away and more rope to my mouth to keep me from talking so clearly. I of course gag talk but with the pressure of the chest ropes and other rope that is keeping me still, I must concentrate on my endurance vs try to go anywhere. I still can move my thigh high boot clad legs but my short daisy duke clad ass is very still and my body is as well. I do think Knotty Guy accomplished his mission to keep me in 1 place longer than I can with out his lovely rope assistance.

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