Wrap Around Tape Gag Hair Brush & Play

10:53 video

I will be cutting much of my hair off in the near future and it was suggested that I film myself playing with it while gagged. What a genius idea especially if I am not gagged, I complete and moan about brushing and caring for my hair every time I must. I really have thick hair and a lot of it, even tho I shave up the back of my nape too. Its simply not the girly thing I enjoy doing. Brushing and tending to my hair is not what I enjoy. Being gagged keeps you from listening to me complain. I use an entirely too small of a brush to brush out my rats nest. Once this is complete, you see how my hair just poofs out due to its thickness. There is a reason why I don't wear my hair down often, as its poofy, thick and gets in my face, eyes, mouth and just yuck. So in order for me to prepare for my big hike, cutting it off is the solution to my sanity and cleanliness. This video may be the longest you ever see my hair again. Once its cut, there's no going back, but you will see me smile a tad more with my hair down. Thank goodness for this tape gag. Once I'm done playing with my brushed hair in the mirror for you, i then braid it off to the side and show you with an imaginary scissors where I will be cutting it to. I cant wait.

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