Balancing & Suspending Your Fayth

10:46 video

I suggested a single limb suspension to Knotty Guy and of course as the rope (top) slut he is, he is eager to oblige. I did not expect only 3 ropes to give me such a predicament. The 1st position I am stuck in is with my chest held upwards but both my legs are on the ground as I test my movements and my very spread sitting postions but this is just too much freedom for Knotty Guys damsels. I then am on 1 knee point having a bit of fun spinning and moving all I can. My arms are tied in a box tie behind my back and both my legs are tied in a futomomo (futo). I casually discuss my feelings with Knotty Guy as he just isn't happy just yet with his handy rope work as he progressively adds more rope until he is happy. He decides Im talking too much as he adds rope to my face and mouth. This only quiets me down a bit as I gag talk of course. With rope over my eyes, I think im spinning but i actually am not. Being blindfolded adds a totally different sensation to bondage to say the least. He still isn't content, so he adds 1 more rope to my white lace clad topless body, completely suspending me in the air, as I am still rope gagged and unable to see as I slowly spin around. i am feeling very vulnerable and helpless hanging suspended in the air.  I guess this is what you call balancing your Fayth and fun all in one. Just another casual fun transitional rope time with my good friend:)

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