Bonus Update: Wetsuit Snorkel & Bubbles In Bathtub

13:40 video

Now that I know my "new" to me 3mm wetsuit fits me, its time I test this sucker out. I don't have a pool or ocean or lake to swim in at the moment, so I filled up this big jacuzzi tub with lukewarm water and I crawl in. Of course I have my mask and snorkel handy. I mean, what better way to test a wetsuit than to submerge my entire body and head under water, right? Breathing underwater and blowing bubbles totally is a legitimate wetsuit test in my book:) My bare feet help me stay under the surface as you can see my eyes thru the clear lens of my mask. I breath using my snorkel but then decide to submerge my face and blow bubbles instead. I am having entirely too much fun on my own in the bathtub in my wetsuit with you just watching and smiling. I am enjoying blowing bubbles and also my snorkel time. I'm pretty good at entertaining myself in the water here lately. Once i'm done playing in the water and making sure this wetsuit lives up to my expectations, its time to see just how hard or easy it is to peel it off my naked body. It took lots of time and effort and sweat to put it on while dry but since im soaked and wet, it peels right off my body like nothing. Wow, impressive. Now I know and probably should put the wetsuit on in the water, not while dry and outside wetness. Lesson learned:)

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