Bonus Update: Breath Holding Under Water w Fayth

9:06 video

It has been a long while since I last tested how long I can hold my breath under water. I know I need something to hold me down once I inhale as much air as my lungs can hold. My first attempt I use a 5 gallon chlorine container but this not only does not work well, I use more energy than I should to test my lung capacity. I then grab a cement brick and sink it and try 2 more times. This holds my body down much better, letting me relax into my underwater silent world of breath holding mindframe. My hair flows, I look at you from beneath as I also have an underwater camera watching my antics. My body floats but I am able to keep my head under with the help of this brick. My conclusion is that I am not good at holding my breath anymore but i wouldn't mind trying this again, but maybe with a bit more weight to hold my very buoyant body under better. 

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