The Hike & the Balloon

10:30 video

As I drive through PA, i must show you this awesome place! I finally have my camera handy as i am able to show you my favorite place on earth. I hold the video camera as i hike down a portion of the Appalacion Trail. I used to come here growing up and had some great social times here, but now its my time to blow to pop a flower shaped balloon on the side of the cliff showing you the most beautiful view of the valley below. I comment on how cold it is , as i am wearing a furry warm hat and how i am uncertain if the coldness will effect the popping time. As i blow, it bursts in the windy air and the shard flys towards me, so we can take a closer look at the drooly, rubber remains. I then blow up a light blue 12 inch balloon and i have problems keeping my mouth locked around it to keep blowing it till it pops, i try and try again, but eventually realize that its not meant to happen,,so i decide to break my tradition and tie the inflated balloon off. I give the inflatable one last genuine hug and release it into the wind. It actually blows around the face of the Appalation mountain, as i decide to retrive it and let it go one last time to go where-ever the wind takes it. *The Sky is The Limit*

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