Harsh Hogtie Escape Challenge

8:15 video

I have challenge for a new friend to tie me up in any way, shape, or form he wants and i bet him my highest of high bets of 2 pennies that I can escape. If you know me and my true facial reactions, you will know immediately that I am pretty darn sure I am asking for failure on my part but heck, why not, right? I lay out the "rules" as the rigging will be done off screen and he can gag me with whatever he wishes and I have 10 minutes to escape. I may tap, I might fail, but I sure act a bit cocky and insist I will escape. The next thing you see is me tied with my elbows welded together, my mouth shoved full with a ballgag head harness with my neck tied back to my ankles and my body is a tight hogtied. I can barely move but I do manage to move my lips and gagtalk and discuss how I feel and just how screwed I am. Silly me, I should have known better, but heck, this is a great helpless hard hogtie and I sure try to struggle and work on the ropes. I do manage to reach the knot that is holding my head back and that helps my neck not be bent back and my eyes looking up. I try and pull and yank on my elbow ropes but it does not help, it only hurts more and more as it pulls the rope to a place that burns and hurts but of course I keep struggling and don't stop pulling on it. I roll around the best I can and gag talk all along but my words become more labored and frustrating since I know darn well, I must tap so i don't hurt my self any further. In-turn paying out 2 pennies and buying a beverage for the rigger. Darn it!!!!

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