MicroSpike Balloon Popping Fun

10:35 video

I have blown up many balloons earlier in part 1 as I gave hints to what I was planning to do on an upcoming trip and a tool that I will be using to traverse certain terrains. The different color balloons remind me of certain things I will be running into on my upcoming adventures but its time i use this handy hiking tool to do what they were not intended for but would be easily confused for the perfect tool to use to pop balloons. I slip on my wool socks, then lace up my hiking boots and stretch on my micro-spikes also known as crampons, then cover my bare tits with my puffy red winter jacket, i then show you just how sharp and poky my boot accessory is and I get to popping. It takes little to no effort to create shards and burst them. Some of the balloons aren't fully inflated and it surprises me that they tolerate even a bit of pressure from the spikes before popping. Ahhh..I sure love how I can turn a tool that is not intended to pop, into a perfect bursting assistant. I really should play with these spikes and balloons again!!

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