Bonus Update: Fayth Roller-Skates Naked

10:38 video

I have a deep ingrained love for rollerskating and its only recently that I was gifted amazing skates and safety gear. The older we get, the harder we fall it seems and I don't wish to get injured. I take the time to introduce you to what the heck i'm doing or well, maybe not in as much detail as you wish. Im naked, Im happy and there is smooth cement to skate on. Yes, there are tents in this building, yes, I have whiskers drawn on my boob, yes, i'm allowed to be naked so what more do we need than you hanging out with me to watch me get my skate in while you hear a cheering crowd for those that are doing a running event across the way. Once I am buckled and strapped into my helmet, my wrist guards, my knee and elbow pads. I think I'm ready for my first ever naked roller skating experience. It is liberating to say the least. Maybe still not the safest but anyhoo:) I skate around and realize quickly how good of exercise this is as I start sweating immediately and breath heavily but I keep skating around until i slip a tad. This tells me I should stop since I really don't want to hurt myself. 


ahhh, time to unbuckle and take a XXXX in my tent. Care to join me?

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