Detective Fayth vs Roped Prose (Compilation 4 Perilous Binds)

28:13 video

**Faythonfire vs Roped Prose   -The Full Collection**

A compilation of the best bondage bits when the daring detective Fayth Freedom ran into the villainous Roped Prose!


Life can be such a drag sometimes when you’re a courageous crime fighter and last night was no exception...

Tackling a gang of thieves stealing priceless artefacts from the city museum was hard work and it was even harder when those vicious brutes overpowered me and left me tied up in some horrible dark alleyway.

Fortunately though, the city cops were on the scene pretty quickly and managed to arrest those creeps before they got away. It seems they paid too much attention tying me up and subsequently were caught in the middle of their attempted robbery.

This happens a lot to me for some reason?!

However, because I was helpless bound at the rear of the museum, the cops didn’t find me and so I spent another long night trying to escape from tight bondage!

Thankfully, my many years of being tied up have made me an expert escape artist and so I managed to finally break free and make my way back home.

It had been an exhausting but ultimately fulfilling evening but right now I just want to run a bath and slip under the suds.

But when I eventually got home I knew straight away something wasn’t right...

Will, my crime fighting partner, wasn’t there and he hadn’t contacted me so I knew he must be in trouble.

But before I could get my phone out to call him, someone grabbed me from behind and suddenly everything went black...


When I awoke I discovered, to my XXXX, that someone had bound and gagged me in a really tight chair tie!

“That’s just great!” I thought.

“Only a few hours since spending most of the night in tight ropes and I am in bondage yet again!!!”

I tried in vain to get loose but whoever had done this to me was obviously very good at it - either that or they knew my reputation for getting out of bondage - they had made the knots very tight indeed!!!

The air was filled with the sound of my grunts and groans, not to mention my leather jacket and boots loudly creaking as the ropes rubbed against them.

Despite moving around my apartment quite a bit, I was nowhere near escaping but it seems the loud noises I was making had annoyed my captor who returned to try and quieten me down!

The hooded man was dressed in a long black gown - I swear he looked just like a monk!

I protest loudly as he unties me and I struggle in his manly grip but alas, he is too strong and after removing my black leather biker jacket, he soon has me lying on the floor in a frog-tied predicament.

Again I struggle but it is no use. My arms are tied behind my back, my legs are pulled back and my booted ankles are tied to my thighs.

This monk really knows his bondage!!!

But I don’t give up that easily! I never do!

The monk is alarmed to see that I still have plenty of fight left in me so before he leaves he cruelly ties me to the leg of my long couch. I can hardly move now as the dastardly fiend finally leaves me alone to contemplate my helpless situation...


What the evil monk didn’t realise is that my maid comes to clean the apartment every afternoon and although I am in that horrid frog-tie for many hours, my employee finally releases me when she shows up to clean the place.

What the dastardly monk also didn’t realise, is that whilst I was struggling in his arms I managed to place a transmitter in his pocket!

With this special device I am able to track him down to his secret lair where I suspect he has taken my partner and after a quick change of clothes I am on my way...


The signal from the hidden transmitter takes me to a large forest on the outskirts of the city. It makes perfect sense as my map says there is an abandoned monastery in the centre of these woods - the mysterious monk must be holding Will there!

I made my way through the trees wearing a brown leather jacket, white jodhpurs and brown knee high boots. I was very careful not to disturb any branches or sXXXX any twigs as I step on them - the last thing I wanted to do is alert the monk to my presence!

But it is very hard going as the forest is quite dense, I could barely see a few feet in front of me. Then suddenly I stopped... it felt like someone was watching me!!!


Yet again the lights go out. It turns out I was right - somebody was watching me!

Unfortunately they snuck up on me stealthily from behind and before I know what’s happening I take a trip to snooze-land once more...

When I awake I cannot believe it - I am tied up again!!! This time very strictly to a tree... well... I am in a forest!

I struggled the best I could but once again the dastardly monk has gone over the top. I was tied head to toe in a mile of rope!

It squeezed in my waist and looped around my breasts, pinching and digging into my beautiful body.

My arms were tied behind me and my booted legs were pinned to the base of the tree trunk. I wasn’t going anywhere!

After a while the monk returned and made matters worse by wrapping an orange bandage over my mouth and around my head - pinning that now against the tree.

I could hardly move a single inch - the ropes were just too tight. I had to stay like that for several hours with no rescue in sight - and I still didn’t know what happened to Will?!?


Finally that fiendish monk returned and released me from the tree. I was mightily pleased to get out of that believe me but my relief was short-lived as my captor took off my jacket and then tied my wrists together before hoisting them up above my head.

Tying my legs together, the foul brute then tied a thin piece of string between my legs which was then fed up over a branch and weighted down with a plastic container of some sort.

Inside the container was a small amount of liquid... it looked like water.

This made me laugh.

“What a fool!” I thought.

“That’s not a very tight crotch tie and I’m sure that little bit of liquid isn’t going to put much weight on the other end - he really hasn’t thought this through!”

But my laughter is suddenly stifled as he turns around the container and I read what is written on the other side...

“Oh no!” I think.

“That stuff is highly volatile! If that container falls to the floor I’m a goner!”

I struggled the best that I could but I daren't move around too much in case that container slipped out of the thin string holding it and it plummets to the ground!

Then, to make matters worse, the dastardly monk blindfolded me!!!

Now I really was screwed!!!

Unable to move and unable to see the knots holding my wrists together above my head I really am stuck.

My only hope now was that some random hiker would spot me and alert the authorities - or better still, carefully untie me!

After what seems like an eternity, someone did walk over and take off my blindfold...

It was Will!

“Thank god!” I thought.

“He is safe and I am saved!”

But then I suddenly notice that Will is wearing the same black gown that the evil monk was wearing!

What the blazes is going on?!?

It turns out that Will was the monk all along!!!

My own partner thought I was getting sloppy and decided to test me! It was all his way of putting me through my paces - his method of training!!!

Even the liquid in the container was just water all along!!!

“That Will!!!” I thought angrily.

“One day I’m going to get him back for this!!!”


And one day I will...

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