Keep Me Put In the Woods

12:14 video

I am always coming up with ideas and always on the go. One of my favorite challenges I like giving my friends is to see if they can keep me put. This is a bit of a challenge since its darn cold and the only attachment points are trees and my own limbs. He was ready as he has already attached rigging points to the trees to make the rope stick better and not get ruined by the bark. I am cold but luckily the first few ropes that are tied to and around me allows me to struggle and move so this allows me to warm up a bit. Tho with every rope he adds, the less I can struggle and move but this allows me to rest my mind and body a bit somewhat forgetting about the dull dismal cold weather. By the time he is done tying me up, I can only dry hump the air and move my fet a tad and of course my mouth since he doesn't shove anything in it to shut me up. I win, you win, we all win. I can't move, I am stuck and I have to admit "defeat". Do you want the next turn to keep me put or would you rather come torment me while I cant help myself?

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