Angry Vent & HOM Surprise

6:03 video

**This is part 1 of a 5 part series**

I angrily walk into my room telling you (the camera) that there is no way in hell I am doing another custom for you. I refuse to do anymore hand over mouth customs. I seriously tell you how I feel about your fetish, and how you are constantly messaging me asking me to do another video for you with someone's hand over my mouth. I am done. Screw your custom, Screw you, Screw your money. I'm not doing it. I finally think I have let all my frustration out as I try to calm down my nerves with my coffee as sit down trying to breath and chill out. You or your custom is not worth this angry mood. As I start calming down, a masked man sneaks behind me (just like you planned all along) and strongly wraps his hand around my mouth giving such a shock. I instantly fight and struggle and try to escape his grasp. I claw at his hand, I hit his arm and I wiggle all I can but then his other arms goes around holding me even more still. I struggle and kick with all my might but its no use. He is stronger than me with his arm around my upper shoulder and his hand over my mouth. All i can do is mpphh and hope he releases me before lala land occurs. To be continued as you get the custom you wanted even after I said its never going to happen.  

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