Heart Print Blow 2 Pop In Woods

6:40 video

I am exploring the cold dismal colorless woods of Maryland and I need some joy and happiness to get my energy back up. No sun is shining but the next best thing to give me a smile is popping balloons. I have my 1 way inflate mouth inflate valve as I try to stretch the neck of this pretty balloon over it. I just can't make it work since you just can't reach out to help me hold it. I decide to not use it and just blow this sucker up by mouth. My goal is to blow2pop it. Its been a long while since I have played with one this size so I am not sure how big it will get or how long it will take or even if my nose can handle the cold air that I must inhale to inflate it till it cant take anymore. The air is frigid and it is not easy to push air inside of it but I need a bang, therefor I will get a bang. The neck gives me a bit of a fuss as the grip isn't cooperating as most but I take control and use my experienced mouth and keep blowing and blowing as the neck begins to stretch and inflate. I keep on blowing until it explodes. I think it may have popped a bit prematurely as it surprises me but makes me smile so great and big. Heck yeah, i'm so glad the balloon was on the same page as me, knowing it had no chance of survival with me in charge. Now lets go see where else we can pop balloons in this vast winter woods of the NE.

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