Hand Over Mouth Orgasms

6:01 video

As many times as I have had Sinister Sams hand over my mouth. I have an idea that I want to try. Lets just say, this idea is genius and oh so satisfactory for both he and I, that is, until the very end. 

I sit between his legs with my Hitachi is my hand but with one of his hands over my mouth the entire time i'm masturbating. I have a short skirt on with panties beneath. I don't just sit there, the better the Hitachi makes me feel, the more I make Sinister Sam work for this lovely position of his. I struggle a bit more than he expects. He does everything he can to keep his big firm hand on my mouth and he even has to hold my other arm as I get a bit wiggly with throws of orgasm. I don't try to get away but i ensure he has and will hold his grip on me no matter what. I am really enjoying myself as I am stuck and happy and helpless and masturbating. I am in my own little world but all of a sudden my hubby knocks on the door unexpectedly. Oh no, this was not supposed to be part of this session. Hurry Sam, you better hide somewhere real quick, like NOW! I quickly straighten myself up as I greet him as he walks in the door asking him he wants to get it on?? Oy, i hope he did not suspect I was having such a great hand-over-mouth session. I need this to happen again, but with no interruptions.

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