Golden Guardian Bonanza - Classic Edition

25:21 video

The ultimate Golden Guardian collection all here in one big bondage compilation including all the best bits of the daring do-gooder’s many adventures. Featuring Faythonfire in the title role as the glittering goodie - The Golden Guardian - in what can only be described as a true Bondage Bonanza!!! 

Golden Guardian Captured 

Once again the Golden Guardian is on the pursuit of justice but this time the bad guys are on to her as they set up a dastardly net trap to ensnare the virtuous vixen! As soon as the crime fighter walks into the empty warehouse the net falls from above, sticking to her beautiful body like glue. 

The superheroine fights and struggles but she cannot escape. The weight of the net brings Golden Guardian slowly to the ground and starts to tire her out as her energy begins to wane. Clawing and kicking out at the heavy net, the helpless heroine is now well and truly stuck. What diabolical fate awaits the champion of justice next??? 

Golden Guardian Tied Upright & De-Belted

With her power belt removed Golden Guardian is as weak as a kitten as she finds herself stood upright with her arms bound above her head. Slowing coming back around after a trip to la la land, she tries to cry out but a tight cleave gag silences the masked avenger. 

With her booted ankles lashed together and her wrists tied high above her head, the Golden Guardian can do nothing but moan and groan as she twists and turns in the tight bondage. This is one trap the captured crime fighter certainly isn’t escaping from in a hurry! 

Golden Guardian Cross Bound

In the next bondage predicament, the glittering gal of goodness finds herself resting on a St Andrews Cross, having once again taken a short reprieve from her peril. Yet again, her cries for help are reduced to muffled moans as a cleave gag slices through her luscious lips. White pieces of cloth dig into her helpless body as she is held rigid with her arms and legs spread painfully wide apart. 

The cloth is tied around her wrists, waist, thighs and ankles as she struggles mightily against the wooden structure but for added discomfort her captors have also secured a tight crotch tie on her – just to keep our heroine “entertained”. Golden Guardian sure hopes to escape this trap quite quickly, after all, she can’t let herself begin to enjoy this torment!!! 

Golden Guardian Chair Tied

Whilst the helpless heroine is far away in the land of nod we get a good look at her this time as she writhes silently in a very tight chair tied predicament. She then comes around to discover her situation, the quest for freedom begins but with tight ropes squeezing into her beautiful bound body, the masked maiden of might isn’t getting very far. 

With a ball of cloth stuffed into her mouth, stretching her lips agonisingly apart, the Golden Guardian can do nothing but grunt and groan helplessly as we watch her fight her bonds to no avail. Ok, so she manages to move the chair about but where is she going to go in all that tight bondage??? 

Golden Guardian Staked Out

Every now and then it is necessary for a costumed crime fighter to go on a stake out but I don’t think this is the type of stake out Golden Guardian had in mind! 

With each of her limbs spread out to the maximum, the hopeless heroine struggles in vain but it is simply no use, with her arms and legs stretched out to painful proportions there is nothing the ravishing redhead can do but lie there powerless. Once again, her cries for help are silenced by a tight cleave gag and so, all that’s left for her to do is lie on the ground and maybe top up her tan?!? 

Golden Guardian’s Water Weakness

We’ve saved the best till last as this time the Golden Guardian finds herself at the side of a pool after getting bound of the clutches of a beefy bad guy. She struggles courageously struggled but it is no use as her captor shows no mercy and proceeds to wrap up our daring do-gooder in sticky duct tape. 

With tape wound around her masked face, sealing her mouth shut, the Golden Guardian can do nothing as the vile villain continues to add tape leaving her arms and wrists pinned them behind her back as she end up w more sticky tape around her body. Leaving her ankles free so she can helplessly flail around by the side of the pool, the bad guy then turns a hose on the superheroine from off camera – dowsing her in a spray of water – the Golden Guardian’s biggest weakness! 

You see, it’s no coincidence that the captured crime fighter has been brought to this location – everyone knows her weakness and they also know that when exposed to water the superheroine loses all her super powers! 

So it’s only a matter of time before the spray gets the better of the Golden Guardian and she staggers backwards, falling into the pool with an almighty splash! Struggling in the water the best she can, the soggy wench struggles to breath with the duct tape sealing her mouth shut and splashes of water going up her nose... this is one trap that might just prove to be the watery downfall of the Golden Guardian!!!  

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