Hand Pump Inflate to Pop

9:43 video

I have all my hand pumps that I have collected, bought and have been given thru the years and its time to see which works, which does not and which needs purged before going into storage for 6 months. I start with the smallest handpump as I have all the same, smaller size balloons to test each out accurately. I know my arms are in for quite the workout but I'm ready as I am barely dressed and in a great mood for balloon popping fun. Turns out each of these handpumps brings a different experience to inflating balloons. Stretching the balloon little by little or as the pump gets bigger, faster and faster. My goal at the beginning is to possibly purge a pump or 2 but in the end, each hand pump decides to work perfectly and inflate to pop each balloon just as they should. I am impressed on how the shards are created into not just a few pieces but a ridiculous amount when they each pop. These balloons sure know what I like when they burst. The more shards, the better! Don't you agree? Not one pump was purged during this test but all the balloons I touch certainly pop.

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