Balloon Blowing & Butt & Cig Popping Release

9:51 video

Its freezing outside so I thought id step inside this tool shack to warm up, of course i take all my clothing off so you can see exactly what I wear underneath all my layers of warm clothing. I am in a fun mood and I feel like blowing up balloons. I sure hope the owner of this tool shed doesn't need any tools. I proceed to blow up balloons then tie them off and then sit2pop several. What I do not expect is the balloons to bite me so darn hard. Maybe its the cold, maybe its my lingerie that is revealing lots of skin but no matter, I get bitten by the shards harder than normal, leaving welts and all. Once I have fun bouncing and sitting to pop some colorful balloons, I decide to blow up a few more, tie them off and hold onto them. I then light of a smoke (in probably the most unsafest environment ever) as i explain with the earlier popping noise echoing off cans of propane. Yes, I still light up a cigarette and hope nothing explodes other than the balloons. Once by one, I slowly push the inflated balloon to the hot cherry on the end of the smoke in my mouth and pop them by means of KissOfDeath. I truly love bursting balloons with my hot cherry and i'm sure you can tell by genuine smile. ahhhh...i could do this all day long, if only I was a bit warmer;)

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