11 Beach Balls Destroyed

17:40 video

Earlier I blew up 12 beach balls. They all came from somewhere different in the last several years. I wanted you and I go go to the pool and play with them but turns out the pool was closed and i'm not very happy my air went wasted. What better way to spend some time indoor than to purge and destroy them with my handy dandy air compressor. Its been awhile since I inflated anything other than a balloon until it burst so what better time to attempt to make 11 of the 12 beachballs burst. I forgot that each inflatable has a mind of their own and are make differently. Tho they each have similar materials and stretch way more than any mouth can blow them up, they don't pop the same way to say the least. What i don't expect is many of them form a hole at the bottom before bursting as they just can't take any more air. I want bangs, not leaks but I guess I cant get everything I want. Luckily a few burst just like I like and well, instead of leaving the beachballs w a simply hole in them, I ensure they are not usable to anyone anymore as I rip them apart to shreds with my hands if the air compressor wasn't able. I leave 1 beachball for us to play with in the pool but the other 11 never had a chance.

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