Inflator B2P Test & Purge

15:23 video

I am packing up for my next big adventure and its time to do some testing of inflation devices as I am moving all my belongings to a storage unit for 6 months. I have all my electronic and manual pumps on the couch and its been a while since I have put some of them to use. I forget if some work, how they work, if they are up to par to my standards. I have 17" balloons to test out 1/2 of my pumps. I start with my typically all faithful foot pump. I realize quickly i should have picked slightly smaller balloons as I start foot pumping up and inflating this 1st balloon. Luckily I am stubborn and i don't stop stepping up and down on the pump until the balloon bursts into shards. ahhh, definitely a success and a pump I will keep in my balloon stash. I then move on to test each of my electronic inflation devices. The hoses are are all different as is the strength of the air coming out of the pump. Each pump does successfully pop each balloon I put on the end of the hose or nozzle but 2 of the pumps give me a bit of a hassle or just are too slow for my liking. If i want to pump2pop a balloon, i don't want to wait or feel the pump get too hot. I realize quickly there are 2 of the pumps that just cant do what I love so they get purged. The others stay with me and we will see them again in future balloon videos when my mouth just isn't going to cut it.

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