Sam Vs Fayth: Escape Challenge

11:32 video

Sam and I have been working together for several years and we finally have a chance to do something a bit different. I challenge him to an escape challenge. I propose a 2 penny bet to whomever wins. He has 5ish min to tie me up and I have 5ish min to escape whatever ropework he puts me in. I really don't give him any other specifics, other than I am very cocky as I insist I will win this bet but he too is convinced he can tie me up in a way I will be stuck until he releases me. Hand shake done...Lets do this. We casually chat while he uses pretty purple nylon rope to connect my wrists to the hotel luggage rack. He ties my very upper thighs together and what I don't expect is he shoves a wod of cloth in my mouth and ties an over the mouth gag around my head to secure it in place. Once his 5 minutes are up. I then begin. Unfortunately for Sam, the cart is metal & slippy so I am able to slide my wrists to make it easier to squeeze my wrists out of the binds in moments after my escape mission begins. I then untie my thighs, ungag myself and wala, I'm out.

I did take my time since I didn't want him to think I was being too cocky but i didn't want him thinking he challenged me too hard either. I'm thinking he should stick with what he is good at and thats wrapping his big hand around my mouth and me never being able to escape his grip:) This was a fun friendly challenge even tho I did win in record time;)))

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