Car Nabbed, HOM & Tied & Driven Away

10:00 video

I am headed out of the hotel i stayed in last night as I am on the phone as I say Hi to someone as I pass by. I get to my car and continue my call on video chat with you as i tell you how that person I just saw looked awfully familiar but i just cant pinpoint why. I am chatting away with you when a masked figure all in black quickly wraps his hand around my mouth from the backseat. I don't have a chance to hang up the call, as you get to watch the entire nabbing go down and there is nothing you can you. His big hand over my mouth keeps me shushed as he explains who he is and puts all the pieces together. He is the one that grabbed me years ago and he has been trying to find me since he got out of the slammer. He has been watching and waiting for the perfect moment to get his revenge. I am stuck in my front seat as he holds me tight from the back. Before I know it, my ankles are bound, my wrists are tied together and my mouth has a tight piece of cloth knotted between my teeth muffling my words. He then hops in the front seat with the video call still on recording his masked face and me bound, gagged and struggling in the back unknowing where he is taking me. 

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