Naked Tied Nape Shave at the Knotty Salon

16:00 video

I love saving money even when it comes to my beautification process. The cheaper the better, even it it means a sacrifice or nudity or bondage for that matter.n I found a coupon with a deal I couldn't resist. If I get naked, I get free coffee and also 99.99% off too. I seem to be the only customer today which is great as well. The salon really resembles a ki8tchen, but that's fine too. He has be sit in an unconventional way but that's fine too. He then ties my ankles to the chair and even my wrists down. to top it all off, he ties my hair up in rope and them ties my ponytail to the handle of the oven. I mean, I did get free coffee so really, its not that bad, is it? He gets to work on shaving my nape. I do ask for a #2 but he doesn't listen and takes the guard off and pretty badly botches my sideburns and back up but lucky for him, he doesn't have a mirror so I don't notice until I get home. I do also take the coffee cup home as a my own lil tip that i did not know i deserved until later. I guess this is what I get for being cheap and frugal and just going to any ol salon to get my nape shaved. I mean, hair grows back eventually and if I find another coupon, i likely will return to this unique Knotty Salon again.

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