Inflating Many Balloons for Scared Looner Slut

38:52 video

You want to play with balloons but you are too chicken to blow them up yourself. You are scared they will pop at any given moment. You cant get enough of blown up balloons. They turn you on, they excite you and make you smile. Luckily I am a mischievous mood but giving mood too as I have a pile of uninflated balloons and my handy dandy electric double blow nozzle inflator to blow these suckers up. You sit right there and don't move a muscle.I am wearing a sexy bra and short jean shorts. My makeup is on point as my eyes pierce your core with every glance and word. If you don't move, I will blow more balloons up than you have seen in a long while. I tell you how I feel about your fear and fearlessly inflate each balloon and tie them off, over and over again. I laugh as your reaction as i can see you are very scared they are going to pop. There are 2 accidental pops that make you shake and quiver but in-turn makes me laugh and smile. Your reaction is so priceless and cute to me. You want inflated balloons and tight blown up balloons is what you get. The room gets fuller and fuller and your eyes get wider and wider and your bulge gets bigger and bigger. This makes me happy. I use my inflator for majority of them, my mouth for a few. In the end, how many I inflate is unknown, but knowing I am not even done filling the room with loons makes me happy and you more excited than ever before. 


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