Plastic Bag B2P Casual & Sexy

12:11 video

I have found a roll of clear bags on my recent adventure to the mountains. They were intended for something more dirty but I knew exactly how to use them at the perfect moment and this is that perfect moment and way to make them useless to holding anything other than my breath. I get comfy on the couch in my jeans and unbuttoned white blouse as I unroll one by one, hold each in my hand and blow my hot air into each of them making them slowly stretch and expand until they cant hold anymore, making them pop. The crackling noise, the slow unfolding by means of my breath makes me smile with every bag. I love how I must blow harder and stronger to make that last breath of air slowly stretch at their weakest point, stretching into a bubble then popping. Some louder than others but they all pop as they should, not at a seam or hole. The noise of these plastic bags from the unrolling, to blowing up and expanding to the popping is such a great mood enhancer. You really should grab hotel garbage bags or produce bags and try this therapeutic looner popping method. I'm certain it will bring you just as much joy as they do me.

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