Balloon Barber Naked Nape Shave

19:28 video

This entire video is shot from the barbers point of view, mostly while sitting on my butt while my hair is being shaved.

I walk into a friends home that I haven't seen for some time and instantly I get wrath for letting myself go, especially my hair. He insists I strip out of all my clothing and lay down so he can give me a shave job. I express my nervousness several times as he has never just shaved a nape but only entire heads. He never had to follow a line and nor have i ever had my nape shaved all the way to the skin with a razor. The balloons everywhere make this the most fun surroundings until a couple pop unexpectedly scaring us both. Luckily no extra hair gets cut from the shock of them popping. He first has to take a electric razor to get the length of my hair shorter, then another to take it almost to the skin. I express my feelings but its too late to back out now. I just gotta lay there and hope i don't end up totally bald. Once he starts using an actual super sharp razor, i realize i do not like the sensation or sound of the blade on my scalp but once again, i must remain still and allow him to finish. What an experience. I certainly don't mind being naked, sat on, and my hair pulled but geeesh, this was not a relaxing day at the salon!

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