Inverted Mummification Suspension

10:25 video

Here I go with my ideas again. I wanted mummified in tape and hung by my ankles. What really happened is Knotty Guy thinks I need plastic under the tape so it doesn't stick to my skin. I don't care about that but this is where our negotiations are agreed upon so you get to see the final piece of art I am helplessly part of and hanging out for. i am already hung upside down where nothing but thongs and knee high red leather boots and already wrapped in plastic. I wiggle and writhe and test my endurance and upside down capabilities. My ankles are the weak spot but this doesn't stop me from trying to twist around and have you watch as I writhe and squirm in mid air. You get a good close look at my wrapped body thru the see thru clear plastic. Then many layers of colored tape are added around and around my body to make me look similar to a candy cane, which I most certainly taste better than that:) Again, you watch me wiggle and hang from only my ankles. Knotty Guy enters the scene and wraps my head and covered my mouth with a few layers of my favorite flame design duct tape all while I'm inverted. You step back to get a good view of your hanging Fayth. I spin gently, I hang hard. My endurance is high but there is only so long my ankles can endure the weight of my body and the ropes digging is as they lower me to the ground. My girlfriend then challenges me to escape this mummification. I choose not to remove the gag until I prove that i could escape and rip the rope and the plastic thru the little pieces not covered in tape. My sweaty body slides a bit allowing me to move and struggle just enough to release my hands and arms and chest from this. Ahhh, i told you I can escape anything, or well, most anything;)

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