POV Hand Over Mouth Playtime

5:16 video

I told a friend a long time ago my little fantasy of a unexpectedly but consensually having a huge hand clasped over my mouth by a man that there is no way I could get away. I totally forgot I shared that with someone and well, today is my lucky day. I am looking out my hotel window since there is always something to see in a different city. I am tapped on the shoulder but I barely have time to react when a large hand covers my mouth and doesnt let go. I am surprised and not just standing there taking it, tho I am not fighting for my life either. I fight and struggle a bit but I know if i get away, my fantasy will end and THIS is exactly what i have desired and dreamt about for years. You watch from the point of view of the hand, as if its your hand. We start standing then his huge hand moves me to the bed as i am laying on my back as you put all your [pressure and weight on my mouth. How lovely! You are doing this to me and smiling behind the camera as you won't let go of your grip over my mouth. I whimper and whine and i try clawing lightly at your grasp and fingers. You do not talk but only keep your eyes on me and your hand over your mouth. Not until the end, you release your HOM and ask me if I am ready for some more Big Hand Sam action as i smile and agree.

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