Blowing Up Your Balloons to Fill Room

16:25 video

I have used an electric inflator to blow up so many balloons. The room is almost full and you are still too scared to blow any up, you loon slut you. You know I have no fear and will love to watch your fearful expression over and over and over again as I mouth inflate so many more. You watch as the balloons expand, as I tease you with them, as they stretch closer and closer to your face as my smile and smirk get bigger and bigger too. My belly stretches in and out with every breath I put into the balloons. My abs get taught with every blow, just like the balloons. You want to look away in case they pop but you cant seem to look away as you love to watch them get bigger and bigger hoping none pop. Luckily not 1 accidental pop happens but you don't know until I say I'm done blowing how ever many I say is enough. The room is so full of balloons by the time I blow up and tie off lots of round and curvy balloons. You know whats next, don't you? Stay tuned!

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