Early Morning Shower w Fayth

14:40 video

Good Morning. I was planning on sleeping in till about 0700 but my mind was too excited to get up and get ready to film some great concepts so why not invite you to my hotel room at 0300 and have you watch my 1st step in getting ready for a day of Fayth. I slip off my favorite colorful dress, turn the shower on and follow thru w my routine. I get wet, shampoo my hair, rinse it out and of course lathering and letting the soap drip down on my body as I think it feels and looks sexy as it cascades down my naked body. Once I rinse the suds off, I condition my hair and let it soak in while I shave my legs and girly bits. I am not ready to shave my armpits just yet after 8 months of not doing so.

I fill you in on a few tidbits as i dry off with a fluffy white towel and smile knowing today is going to be a wonderful day!!


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