7 Min Escape Challenge - The Bind

9:37 video

Knotty Guy & I are truly both rope sluts. He loves tying and I love being tied. Tho he excels in suspensions, I decide to test his floor work out today. I come up with a lil fun challenge to see if he can tie me up in 7 minutes in a way I cant escape. Of course, I start out very confident and cocky betting him my highest bet of 2 penny's that I can escape any tie he puts me in. Much safer to escape a floor tie than a suspension, right? He start by tying my wrists behind my back, then my elbows and well, as you may know, this is my weak spot, making it very difficult to escape due to inevitable numbness and useless hand and finger maneuverability. I don't share this decreasing hope w him just yet. I let him continue tying me up. My legs are bound over my tight jeans, then he squeezes me into a tight ball-tie. I share some secrets but with my elbows tied, my tricks are useless. My expression goes from cocky to helpless the more rope he adds, the tighter he ties the knots. Once I fall over in this ball tie, I know I am stuck like a turtle. I wanted a challenge, a challenge I got. Stay tuned for part 2, my escape "attempt".

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