Popping a Room Full For Scared Looner Slut

17:20 video

First you are too scared to blow up all these damn balloons cause you don't want to pop any accidentally. You have me come over to spend hours filling this room up with big, small, rare, colorful, twisted, printed loons. Watch as I bust your precious Q24’s, Belbal 14’s, GEO blossoms, KathyLooner 36’s. Whats great is, you are totally scared out of your mind and you are stuck in the chair watching, frozen unable to move. You are so scared but cant take your eyes off of me and my very devious smile. You know I'm going to pop them but with every one I pop, you feel your manhood twinge helplessly getting harder. I put a pin in between my teeth, and put it to work as I hold one balloon at a time, again and again and kiss of ____ to pop them. my hair blows back from the popping flowing air and my smile is huge seeing your scared reaction. You jump in your chair, you want to scream but your body is stuck, except your cock, your cock loves it when I pop all these fuckers fearlessly. I use my long red fingernails to pop many. I sit on many. I bite to pop several too. I keep popping and popping making sure you know how i feel about how scared you are of these lovely cute colorful balloons bursting right in front of your face. The huge balloons sure go bang as all the rest do over and over and over again. Once I finally make you feel like the most fearful loon slut there is, i laugh some more at you. We both thought I was done popping all of them, but i end up finding 2 unpopped balloons that i of course know exactly what to do with. I blow these lil suckers up until they pop. You barely can hold back your tears and your need to burst as well and this is your time to burst now that they are all gone and you are surrounded by shards, so many shards.

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