Unblown Balloon Stash Fantasy

11:08 video

You have been wanting us to play with the stash of balloons I brought on this trip since the moment w left and finally we get to a hotel where we could play with them, but i do not want to pop any in this hotel and get kicked out or get any complaints from the sounds of popping. I try to be respectful of the neighbors but you really want to play so instead, i have you sit back and listen to what I could do with all of these lovely never inflated balloons. Do you want me to wrap my lips around the necks and slowly blow them up and sensually inflate them. Do you want me to expand them in front of you as the fear of them popping builds for you. Do you want to ride the inflated balloons with me as we fuck on them? Shall we play with the inflated and tied off balloons and hope they don't pop? You watch as i seduce you for then very first time without pushing even a tad of my breath into any of the balloons. The idea that all of these balloons are for us to play with and not one inch of my air is going in them turns you on. Now to be patient for when you do get to watch me blow them up for you. Or will you be the one to blow them all up for me so you can watch me play with them and tease you endlessly with them. 

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