Sportsball Bondage Lesson

11:35 video

I know i'm wearing the right uniform to play on the team. Long white socks, short silk shorts, and a tank top. I suppose I should have learned the rules of this sportsball thing first before thinking I could be on the team. Little did I know there was ball bouncing involved. So here I am learning exactly what bouncing is so maybe if they let me back on the court, I can do what my body is doing but with the ball. I am hung from a bamboo rod in a front hogtie and blue rubber cord is used to ensure my bounce lesson and to help secure my body a bit but still bounces nonetheless. A replacement ball is put under my body to maybe help teach me and even more rope and way of suspending my body is changed. I am convinced that i'm just not cut out to play this sports ball thing but the lessons just keep coming. My teammates come in from the court and you hear their voices. I just don't know about all this bondage sports stuff. Maybe I just want to try something else totally. This kinky stuff just is too entailed and restrictive for my own good. Adding bounce to my step just isn't something I need anyways. 

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