Sexy Dress Huge PreDinner Blow

23:34 video

I am feeling really sexy as I just put on a very elegant and revealing dress for dinner. But my mouth needs a little action so I choose one of the biggest balloons I have and straddle the stool with my makeup and my hair perfectly done. And I just want you to sit back and watch me blow and show you as much as my leg as my dress reveals my mouth wraps around the neck over and over again as I expand and blow up the balloon. Expanding bigger and bigger as you watch. Nervously and excitedly you know I'm going to pop this balloon but neither of us know how and this just makes you more excited. I keep blowing and stretching this balloon showing off its beautiful tie-dye design bigger and bigger. The balloon gets bigger as my smile also gets bigger and my sexy smirk looks at you in seductive ways. Knowing you are very excited for this pre-dinner blow. Once my lips become a little sore as I need to save them for after dinner, I decide to tie off this big blown up balloon and slowly squat on it. But as I put my full weight onto this balloon, I discover a leak and I quickly pop it with my long red fingernails. Neither one of us expect it to pop this way, but nonetheless it ends in shards. Just the way you and I like it now it's time to slip on my 6-inch red high heel pumps so we can enjoy each other's time and the sooner we finish dinner. The sooner we both can come back to this bedroom and use whatever energy my lips have left on you. Maybe another balloon or maybe on your very excited manhood time will tell.

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